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In today's world it is important to know a good emergency dentist. With all the events going on in the world including covid-19, people are under a lot of stress. Due to the stress they end up grinding teeth more than usual, resulting in teeth fracturing. Some people have avoided the dentist since covid-19 (bad idea), resulting in small cavities growing into root canals. During this pandemic, people realized that health is the most important thing that matters. Part of overall health is having good oral health. To have good oral health will require proper diet (avoiding sugar), brushing teeth twice a day, flossing teeth, and seeing their dentist every 6 months for check up and cleaning. 

Prevention is important in reducing the likelihood of having a dental emergency. Those who see their dentist every 6 months are less likely to experience a dental emergency. For example, usually a cavity is not symptomatic. Patients may not feel any pain from it for years. For the person who will see their dentist every 6 months, he will catch the cavity at it's early stage. Treating it with an easy filling. For the person who avoids seeing the dentist, that cavity will continue to grow resulting in the tooth needing a root canal. That's why we say prevention is key, and stress that it is important for patients to see their dentist every 6 months.

Common dental emergencies our office has seen are fractured teeth (broken teeth), tooth pain, wisdom teeth pain, jaw pain, gum swelling, and abscesses. Dr. Emmanuil Ilyayev and his associates specialize in emergency dentistry. Depending on the diagnosis treatments include root canal, crown, tooth extraction, or antibiotic. As emergency dentists, it is our job to eliminate your tooth pain and bring you back to function. We know having a toothache is one of the worst pains to have.

Dr. I Dental PC has some of the top dentists working, and are well equipped to manage your dental pain or emergency. Our office is well taken care of, and we take all necessary precautions to keep you safe from covid-19. Our mission is to provide top quality dental care to our patients and the community we are in, and to make sure you feel safe in our office during your emergency dentist visit.

Why would I need a root canal? A root canal is needed when the pulp (nerve) of the tooth has been compromised. This can happen when bacteria enter the pulp, or if the tooth fractured too close to the pulp. The treatment would involve cleaning the pulp camber and the canals to be bacteria free. The patient gets lidocaine as an anesthetic, so it's painless dentistry. The procedure takes about one hour to complete. The tooth will require a crown on a later visit to protect is from fracturing in the future.

Why would I need a crown? If the pulp (nerve) has not been compromised, the tooth can be restored with just a crown, and not need a root canal. The crown procedure involves reshaping the tooth to receive the crown. The crown is cemented over the tooth to restore it to form and function, will also provide protection. Lidocaine is given as an anesthetic, so it's painless dentistry. The patient goes home with a temporary crown. The real crown will be biocompatible zirconia, and will be ready in 1 week. If the tooth fracture does not involve a functional cusp, and is small, we can patch up the fracture using tooth filling material instead of a crown.

Why would I need a tooth extraction? If the tooth is mobile, there is no saving it. If the tooth is fracture to a point where it won't be able to retain a crown, then it will need to be extracted. The patient is given lidocaine to make them comfortable, painless dentistry. Three options to replace a tooth would be 1) dental implant 2) bridge 3) removable tooth. Dental Implant is the best way to replace a missing tooth. Advantages of dental implants: 97% success rate, good long term prognosis, do not need to prep other teeth, best way to replace a missing tooth. Disadvantage of dental implant: cost more than bridge or removable appliance, dependant on good bone. Advantages of a bridge: good long term prognosis, does not need to be removed, esthetic, not dependent on bone, cheaper then implant. Disadvantage of bridge: need to prep neighboring teeth to provide support, food sometime can get stuck under pontic, cost more then removable appliance. Advantages of removable appliance: least expensive way to replace missing teeth, easily cleaned. Disadvantage of removable appliance: needs to be removed, retention can be poor causing it to be loose, needs to be removed at night before going to bed.

Function and esthetics: dental implant> bridge > removable appliance

Cost: dental implants> bridge> removable appliance

Why would I need an antibiotic? If there if gum swelling, abscess, or infection originating from the tooth, this will mean you need an antibiotic to help decrease the bacterial load. Common antibiotics used in dentistry are amoxicillin and clindamycin.

Regardless of what situation arises, we are here to serve you, and help you with your emergency dental visit. For emergencies such as toothache, we can see the patient the same day during office hours. We understand emergencies can be very painful, and we wont let you wait. He have built in appointment blocks in our schedule so we can anticipate emergencies. In addition to being an emergency dentist specialist, we also specialize in general dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry. We pride ourselves in providing quality emergency dental care to our patients and the community. We do so in a quality manner, and we make treatment as affordable as possible because we understand that financially times are hard. 

For the best emergency dentist experience in Queens visit Dr. I Dental PC

For all your dental needs visit us 86-10 Grand Ave Elmhurst NY 11373 7183018484 www.dridentalpc.com

Emergency dentist specialty

Dr. Emmanuil Ilyayev Dr. Emmanuil Ilyayev Dr. Emmanuil Ilyayev is a graduate of New York University College of Dentistry. He did his residency at Woodhull hospital in Brooklyn. He is a third generation dentist, following the footsteps of his grandfather and uncle. Dr. Ilyayev is focused on preventative care and educating his patients. He is gentle and has amazing bedside manners. He is a licensed dentist in New York and Florida. He is a well-rounded dentist and is up to date with the current trends in dentistry. He is trained to offer a variety of services including changing silver fillings into white fillings safely using a rubber dam, bonding, biocompatible crowns (Caps), bridges, restore implants, Invisalign, complete smile makeovers, root canals, whitening, veneers, dentures, and deep cleanings. He specializes in Cosmetic Dentistry, General Dentistry, Dental Pain. His office is also a snoring center where he helps people put an end to snoring by providing state of the art mouth pieces resulting in increase in airway making it easier to breathe.

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